withoutbg100 Dataset for Image Matting

The withoutbg100 dataset consists of 100 image and alpha matte pairs. These pairs are chosen to represent a wide range of subjects and complexities, specifically crafted to enhance and test the capabilities of image background removal algorithms. The dataset includes images with complex elements such as fur and objects with varying transparency levels, providing a substantial challenge to even advanced matting techniques.

Key Features of the Dataset

  1. Varied Complexity: The withoutbg100 dataset incorporates elements such as fur and transparent objects, presenting a range of complexities. This diversity offers a suitable testing ground for evaluating and refining image matting algorithms.
  2. High-Quality Source Material: All images in the dataset are sourced from Unsplash, known for its high-quality, royalty-free images, ensuring that the dataset is not only challenging but also visually appealing.
  3. Ideal for Research and Development: This dataset is a valuable resource for developers, researchers, and image processing enthusiasts looking to test and refine their techniques.
Jar Background Removed
Photo by Nada Gamal on Unsplash
Umbrella Background Removed
Photo by Kevin Erdvig on Unsplash

Please Attribute

We kindly request that if you use the alpha mattes from our dataset in your projects or research, please provide attribution. This helps support our efforts in providing valuable resources to the community and promotes a culture of respect and acknowledgment in the field. Attribution can be made as follows:

Image Matting Alpha Matte provided by withoutbg.com. Available at: https://withoutbg.com


Download using the below link:

Download as a zip file (15.3MB)


Our sincere thanks go to the contributors and the community at Unsplash. Although the images from Unsplash are free, users are encouraged to review the Unsplash website to understand the specifics of their licensing agreements, ensuring compliance with usage terms.